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"Music from my soul to yours"

This is a very cool story about the power of music.

My sister took her car in for an oil change. An hour later, she received a phone call that her car was ready. The gentleman on the phone hesitated and then asked her, "Who is Renee' Mixon?" A little confused she explained that I am her sister. He immediately commented that I had changed his life. The man finally confessed that he had been listening to the CD she left playing in her stereo when he took the car back to have it serviced. The song that happened to be playing was "If I Could Live in a Picture". He listened to the entire song. Then ejected the CD to see the name of the songwriter.

I wrote that song in memory of my father who died about 6 years ago. The song really touched this man because he lost his 28-year-old son in a hunting accident 14 months ago and had never been able to put things in perspective and get himself to a point of moving on. He said that song changed his life. This man truly touched me with this story and gave me the courage to move forward with my music.

Just a side note - The day all of this transpired was my father's birthday.

I am now on Just type Renee Mixon in the search field and listen to "Dance With Me" and "By Your Side". Thanks DeAnn!!!